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What real clients are saying in their own words about their experiences with our Firm.

Each of the following statements was submitted by real clients in their own words, edited to preserve privacy and appropriate context. Please note that every case is unique and these testimonials are not intended to suggest that any particular result is likely or promised. They are presented here only to illustrate the experiences of some of our firm's clients.


Perspectives of a police officer as a client

"As a veteran police officer, I had the opportunity to experience and observe the workings of the justice system hundreds of times. I had first-hand experience with both good and bad examples of those individuals professionally involved in the system, including lawyers on both sides. Finding competent professionals in that environment was not always easy.
That is why, when circumstances arose where I needed to retain legal representation to fight for my cause, I was pleased to find available an attorney as well-qualified and competent as Robert Perez."

Through detailed interviews and investigation, Mr. Perez advised me honestly regarding the challenges and the best course of action in my situation and then allowed me to be a partner in deciding on and carrying out that joint vision. While representing me and preparing and presenting a top-notch, detailed presentation of the merits of my position in the case, Mr. Perez and his staff were always courteous, informative, discreet and caring.

Although my case was probably successful based simply on the hard work Mr. Perez and his staff did prior to court, his professional manner, his confident presentation and his insight while in court contributed greatly to the successful resolution of my matter. The result was exactly what I had hoped for and made a significant difference in my life. Because of this, I am grateful to Mr. Perez for his professionalism, his expertise and his tireless efforts on my behalf.

If I were to talk to someone seeking a lawyer today, I couldn't recommend more highly Robert Perez."

* * * * *

Perspectives of an Attorney as a client

"I was at one time a practicing lawyer, and so it was an unusual experience having to find an attorney to represent me on my matter. I initially hired another well-known attorney, and he advised me to settle the case with a sub-optimal result. With little resources and living out of state, I did so. In court, however, the other party showed up and introduced "new evidence" that threatened the result we had achieved. My attorney didn't see it coming - the case was in jeopardy, and I was looking at losing everything we had worked for. With the support of family, I dismissed that attorney and sought new counsel.
This time I went to Robert Perez. The case was a mess. I was unable to practice law and facing the loss of everything. I e-mailed Robert and was first impressed with his e-mail response. It was detailed, thoughtful and well-written. This meant a lot to me as my communication with my attorney, from out of state, would mostly be by e-mail. We then had a long phone conversation. I was impressed with the calm, reasoned and thorough approach he took.

He agreed to take my case. He immediately went to work, obtaining copies of all documents. When I finally met with him I was impressed at how organized his office, his staff and, most importantly, my file was. He had obtained documents no one else had. He had gone into the field and talked with people and really worked my case. It shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was.

Robert Perez loves the law and believes in what he does. It is the thread of the work he weaves. It makes all the difference in the world to your case. He will take the time to understand the facts, to read the documents, to hear what you are saying. If you listen to Robert Perez speak for any length of time that passion will be heard and felt in his voice and in his actions. That passion and that strength make a difference to the clients, to the cases and, I believe, to the outcome.

After months of hard work and dedication and mountains of documents, Mr. Perez was able to successfully preserve my settlement. I wound up with a wonderful result. I truly believe that, had I gone to Mr. Perez originally, I might have done even better. I went to him late, but thankfully, not too late."

* * * * *

"Robert, thank you again for handling my case with care. I believe in the justice system when you have the chance to show your side of the facts. On the surface, it was easy for our opponent to predict an easy victory in my case. Because of the huge risk at trial, I was almost ready to accept the meager settlement recommend by my original lawyer, but, with your help, I kept my decision open and hired you instead.

As the case progressed, it was clear that I could not settle for what was being offered. You read through my case and asked important questions during some key interviews, which revealed inconsistencies in the witness statements from our opponents. This put pressure on their case. As we proceeded to the eve of trial, that pressure intensified and ultimately they gave up. Incredibly,we got everything we asked for, a complete victory.

Early on when I met you, as part of your job, you had to tell me the possible negative outcomes for my life and how I would live. Living with the prospect of the permanent alteration of my life was very difficult. I realized the need to make a good choice on who I would have represent me in this battle. I'm very glad to have chosen you and your staff. Robert, you are professional. I learned a lot observing you in and out of court. You are well organized, with a great memory and empathic. I felt like you spent the time with my case, and I am very grateful for your support during a difficult time in my life."

* * * * *

"I was new to the Seattle area and new to the world of litigation when my problem arose. I had no idea what to do. I surveyed many lawyers in the area, but most of them suggested that a small settlement would be the easiest and best way out. I was against a small settlement in principle because I felt completely justified in my claim.

Although my case had not yet been filed, most lawyers told me that nothing should be done until after it was filed. I was also quite concerned that the kind of settlement being discussed would leave me short and have drastic ramifications on the rest of my life. Only Robert understood these aspects of the case and fought hard in my case (harder than I could have imagined). He also urged quick action and was the only lawyer I spoke to who understood the advantages of acting quickly.

I was completely naïve, and Robert advised me of my rights at every stage. Robert questioned the witnesses with critical questions. He was successful in convincing our opponents of the justness of my cause, highlighting glaring inconsistencies in the official reports and timing of events. He even pointed out technological flaws in my opponent's "evidence" that cast doubt on its authenticity. Amazingly, the opponent gave me everything I had asked for, it was the best settlement I could have imagined.

I will forever be indebted to Robert Perez for the hard-work he did on my case. He was the difference that changed my life. All along, his office staff was very courteous and prompt in response. I hope that you will never have to look for an attorney if you have been wronged, but if you do, you cannot find a better lawyer than Robert Perez."

* * * * *

"I would absolutely recommend Robert to anyone who has been wronged. My mother was facing some very serious life altering changes. Robert and his staff were all very professional and extremely knowledgeable. They were able to help my family through the entire process from beginning to end. I firmly believe that had it not been for Robert, my mother would not have achieved the offer she was given.

Robert takes his job very seriously and performs his duties thoroughly. He goes beyond what is simply required of him and exhausts all options available to his clients. He is not merely a lawyer but an advocate for his clients' rights and freedom. Even several months after the case was closed, his staff calls to make sure my mother is on the right track and is taking care of herself. From start to end, Robert has never let us down and continues to impress my mom and my family."

* * * * *

"After my ex-wife forced her way into my home and assaulted me, I found myself in the surreal position of having to litigate against her. Having interviewed a few different attorneys, I knew immediately that Robert was the one I wanted to represent me. He radiated a combination of competence, compassion, patience and respect. He was not arrogant, distant or rushed. He gave me the time to tell my story, and he explained the relevant legal issues in a way that made sense to me.

During the course of my case, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my first impressions held true. That initial free consultation had not simply been a sales job. Robert and his staff were highly responsive, and I put them to the test by asking a lot of questions via e-mail, answering machine, on the phone and in-person. In every single instance, my questions were answered completely and in a timely manner. Moreover, I could tell that they believed in me, in my cause and were on the ball when it came to pursuing leads and acquiring the information necessary to successfully represent me. I always felt that they "had my back" and, as it turned out, Robert's legal expertise allowed him to exploit an unexpected sequence of events that, along with the hard work, led to the perfect resolution and settlement. Everything I wanted from a settlement wsa obtained.

If ever again I find myself in the unfortunate circumstance of needing legal representation , I will not hesitate to call Robert Perez."

* * * * *

"Robert, you represented me in my case and did an outstanding job. It took courage and confidence to take my case all the way to the day of jury trial in order to get our opponents to cave in and give us what I wanted. On the day of trial!

I want to thank you for the stupendous job you did on my case. Your biggest asset is your intelligence, and you went out of your way to think of everything that could possibly be done to strengthen my case. Thank you also for being a caring person, as well as a professional."

* * * * *

"My brother was facing the most serious and life changing circumstances and so my family and I began the search for an attorney we felt would best represent him. As we were searching, we came across the website of Robert Perez; and we began to read what he had to offer to his clients along with his history with past cases. After continuing the research, we were satisfied with the information we read and scheduled a free consultation with Robert. After the consultation, we liked what he had to offer but still searched for other attorneys.

After meeting with all the attorneys we researched as potential representation for my brother, it was clear that Robert was the best lawyer, and we appointed him to be our champion. Throughout the entirety of this case (a very complex one with an existing myriad of problems), Robert's dedication, hard work and determination only increased. He would spend immense time to find ways to help my brother in this truly unfortunate predicament. During the trial, there were several unexpected things that surfaced, but Robert was quick on his feet and handled all of the legal matters effectively. Most significantly, he never gave up. Through the twists and turns the trial presented, Robert fiercely persevered.

Not only did Robert show extraordinary work in this case, but his staff that works beside him did phenomenally as well. The quality of service my family and I received was always outstanding. Whenever we had questions or needed help with anything, they were there to assist us in any way. My brother and our family appreciate the tremendous amount of effort that he and his staff have contributed not only through the duration of this trial but even now. If you are looking for an attorney who will fight endlessly and who adamantly believes in the pursuit of justice, Perez & Perez Law, PLLC is where you will find this. Their work will never be forgotten but appreciated for a lifetime."

* * * * *

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