What actual clients are saying about Perez & Perez Law

“Sarah and her staff's professional service was rapid, responsive, and informative to me. She was trustworthy and excellent; Sarah's work defended the justice of my claim and gave me a rebirth. Sarah and her staff investigated all the details of my case. Sarah provided rapid legal service no matter weekday or weekend, no matter daytime or not daytime, their service was always in-time excellent, she is one of the best professionals I have ever hired. Sarah provided the best communication and encouragement to me during my hardship and helped me strongly continue going on with my life in my difficult time. Sarah is trustworthy and honorable and in the end the jury agreed with her and gave me the justice I sought because of her efforts alone”.


 “Having interviewed a few different attorneys, I knew immediately that Perez & Perez Law was the firm I wanted to represent me. They radiated a combination of competence, compassion, patience and respect. They were not arrogant, distant or rushed. They gave me the time to tell my story, and they explained the relevant legal issues in a way that made sense to me. During the course of my case, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my first impressions held true. That initial free consultation had not simply been a sales job. Perez & Perez Law were highly responsive, and I put them to the test by asking a lot of questions via e-mail, answering machine, on the phone and in-person. In every single instance, my questions were answered completely and in a timely manner. Moreover, I could tell that they believed in me, in my case and were on the ball when it came to pursuing leads and acquiring the information necessary to successfully represent me. I always felt that they "had my back" and, as it turned out, their legal expertise allowed them to get full value for my claim and justice was served. If ever again I find myself in the unfortunate circumstance of needing legal representation after being injured, I will not hesitate to call Perez & Perez Law.”


“My family suffered a terrible tragedy involving a wrongful death and my brother and so my family and I began the search for an attorney we felt would best handle the case. As we were searching, we heard about Perez & Perez Law and we began to read their website to see what they had to offer to their clients along with their history with past cases. After continuing the research, we were satisfied with the information we read and scheduled a free consultation with Sarah and Robert. After the consultation, we liked what they had to offer but still searched for other attorneys. After meeting with all the attorneys we researched as potential representation for my brother, it was clear that Perez & Perez Law was the best firm, and we chose them to be our attorneys. Throughout the entirety of this case (a very complex one with an existing myriad of problems), their dedication, hard work and determination only increased. They would spend immense time to find ways to help my brother's case with this truly unfortunate predicament. During the trial, there were several unexpected things that surfaced, but Sarah and Robert were quick on their feet and handled all of the legal matters effectively. Most significantly, they never gave up. Through the twists and turns the trial presented, they fiercely persevered. Not only did they show extraordinary work in this case, but their other staff that works beside them did phenomenally as well. The quality of service my family and I received was always outstanding. Whenever we had questions or needed help with anything, they were there to assist us in any way. My family appreciate the tremendous amount of effort that the firm contributed not only through the duration of this trial but even now. If you are looking for an attorney who will fight endlessly and who adamantly believes in the pursuit of justice, Perez & Perez Law is where you will find this. Their work will never be forgotten but appreciated for a lifetime.”