Victims of Sexual Assault

How to hold sex offenders and their enablers accountable

Nothing can prepare you for the horror of becoming a rape victim. But the pain doesn't stop with the arrest or conviction of the criminal, or the degrading and humiliating ordeal you must endure with police, in the medical exam or in court, and the after effects of the assault may continue throughout your life. Under the law, rape victims are entitled to be compensated for the injuries to their physical and mental health caused by the parties responsible for the assault. Compensation for the pain and suffering itself is certainly appropriate, but so too is sufficient compensation to provide for the counseling, therapy, and/or medications that will often be helpful or necessary to bring peace to the life of a victim of a sexual assault. Although insurance companies will balk at paying for these expenses, don't let them get away with it - the long term damage suffered by the victim of a sexual assault is real and tangible, and justice requires consideration of this need as well.

sexualassault.jpgIn many cases, the criminal may wind up in prison and have no assets available to pay compensation to a victim. But the law may hold legally responsible other parties or their employers who contributed in some way to the assault. A business that is negligent in hiring or monitoring of its employees may be just as liable for damages as the criminal, and have the ability to pay. Employers who fail in their duty to protect the public and wind up putting victims in harm's way by sending predators into strangers' homes when they should have known better, can and should be held liable for all of the damages resulting from their negligent supervision. It is not always easy to identify all of the parties who might have played a contributing role in the crime, so it is important that you check with a lawyer experienced in sexual assaults and the complex factual scenarios that contribute to these assaults.

At Perez & Perez Law, PLLC, we have decades of litigating sex cases in court, and we know how to identify potential sources of liability when a sexual assault has been committed. Don't let anyone tell you there is no remedy for your loss until you've spoken with an attorney familiar with these cases.

If you are a victim of a sex crime or a rape victim, there are important steps you must take right away to protect your claim. Don’t jeopardize your rights by putting off a claim that requires filing before a deadline passes. Call Perez & Perez Law, PLLC and we can provide a free one-hour consultation to review your case. We will handle every aspect of your case discreetly and you will only pay a fee if there is a recovery.

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