Trucking Accidents

Litigating Truck accident injury cases

Truck accident cases often involve specific, Federal rules and regulations. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) rules regulate the number of hours of driving a trucker is allowed in a day or week, as well as the training required to safely operate a semi. Our experienced Seattle personal injury lawyers know the emotional and financial trauma caused by truck accidents. Car passengers bear the brunt of the impact in a car vs. truck collision and they often suffer serious injury, or are killed in the accident.

truckaccident.jpgThe factors in a truck vs. car accident are different than those in a car vs. car accident, and the trucking industry has complicated rules and regulations they must follow. It is important that you hire an experienced Seattle truck accident attorney if you or a loved one have suffered a wrongful death  or injury in a truck accident.

Trucking companies and automobile insurance companies have teams of lawyers, claims adjusters, and almost unlimited resources to fight injury claims. Their job is to deny, delay and defend against your truck or car accident claim. Our staff of Seattle accident injury attorneys have the knowledge, resources and the willpower to take on large corporations and insurance companies to fight for you.

As with all personal injury cases, it’s important that you act quickly before time limits run out and your claims are forever barred. Call Perez & Perez Law, PLLC today for a free consultation.