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About The Personal Injury Law Office of Robert Perez

Why it makes a difference who you hire to be your Champion


At Perez & Perez Law, PLLC we represent ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. When an insurance company tries to "low-ball" you after a tragic loss caused by someone's negligence, we are the David fighting the Goliath standing between you and Justice. It is in our DNA to fight injustice and we use the full power of the adversarial legal system to obtain justice for every one of our clients. This is the common theme that unites our lawyers and it is what distinguishes our firm from all others.

We don't just go to court (any lawyer can go to court), we are experienced jury trial lawyers who have built decades of credibility by taking cases to jury TRIAL. This willingness to fight is the only thing that gains respect from your legal adversaries and it is the single most important factor motivating their response. Whether your goal is to settle or to go to trial, in either case you need a lawyer who has a record of going to trial because the only lawyers who get respect in this system (and get the best offers) are those who are willing to stand in the arena and FIGHT.

Our core values include this willingness to be your Champion in the arena but you will also find other important themes that set us apart. The biggest complaint that most people have about their lawyers is "He doesn't call me back" or "she never keeps me informed of my case". You will never have this complaint at Perez & Perez Law, PLLC, where we place the highest value on client communication. We will always make time for you anytime you want to discuss your case, and ALL of your messages will be returned promptly. You will have the personal email address and cell phone number of our lawyers, not just their assistants, and you will always have an open door.

This is what we are all about. We are proud and privileged to serve you and we are eager to fight for you. Please feel free to call (425) 748-5005 to set up your free initial consultation to discuss your matter, and find out what it's like to have a REAL lawyer on your side.

Thank you!