Who We Are

At Perez & Perez Law, PLLC we represent ordinary people facing extraordinary situations. When an insurance company tries to "low-ball" you after a tragic loss caused by someone's negligence, we are the David fighting the Goliath standing between you and Justice. It is in our DNA to fight and we use the full power of the adversarial legal system to obtain justice for every one of our clients. This is the common theme that unites our lawyers and it is what distinguishes our firm from all others.

We don't just go to court (any lawyer can go to court), we are experienced jury trial lawyers who have built decades of credibility by taking cases to jury TRIAL. This willingness to fight is the only thing that gains respect from your legal adversaries and it is the single most important factor motivating their response. Whether your goal is to settle or to go to trial, in either case you need a lawyer who has a record of going to trial because the only lawyers who get respect in this system (and therefore get the best offers) are those who are willing to stand in the arena and FIGHT.

Our Attorneys

My name is Robert Perez and I am proud to call myself a trial lawyer. I practice personal injury law in both Washington and California, representing ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances. Whether my clients are facing the loss of a loved one killed through the negligence of another, or simply fighting an insurance company that is attempting to deny them a slip & fall claim, I am their Champion, fighting the Insurance Industry in the State and Federal courts.


I received my law degree from Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1977, and my undergraduate degree from San Jose State University in 1974 in the heart of California's Silicon Valley. In addition to my experience as an experienced jury trial lawyer, I've also held positions as a senior technology leader for high-tech companies like Apple Computer and Autodesk. I am active and licensed to practice in both California and Washington State in both State and Federal courts.

My personal injury practice has included everything from slip and fall cases to wrongful death cases and includes decades of jury trial experience. I enjoy beating the the insurance companies, and I am willing to take even the most hopeless cases to trial if that's what's best for my client. My opponents give me the respect that comes from knowing that I fight vigorously and relentlessly. I've taken many cases to jury trial and have won spectacular, news-breaking victories that could never have been predicted. Every case is unique and I cannot of course promise or suggest that your case will have any particular result; the point is that I know how to conduct a complex jury trial and how to strategize and think on my feet when the stakes are high. Juries respect a confident and persuasive presentation of the evidence. Whatever facts are available to your case, they need to be presented logically and forcefully, with the confidence that comes from decades of experience and comfort in front of a jury.

As my client, you will have my personal email, my cell phone number, and an open door. And world-class representation. That's my commitment to you.

Robert Perez, Esq.

Sarah J. Perez, Esq.

 My practice focuses on personal injury litigation in the greater Seattle and Eastside metropolitan regions. That's what I enjoy doing and what I do best. I currently represent clients in the state and federal courts and I'm proud to bring each of them the results of my unique background and fresh perspectives on the law. 


I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Washington in 2009 and my Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School  in 2011. As a member of the Trial Advocacy Honors Board in law school, and later as a Legal Intern for the Honorable Federal Judge Ricardo Martinez in the Western District of Washington federal court, I learned the vital skills that have made me a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom.


My trial experience, coupled with my unique understanding of the day-to-day workings of federal courts, translates into confidence and tenacity while advocating for you in front of a jury. Before I received my law degree, I worked at The Law Office of Robert Perez for seven years as a paralegal and law clerk. During those seven years, Robert and I worked as a team and fought hard to win spectacular victories for our clients at trial. I am passionate about challenging the insurance industry and advocating for my clients in both state and federal court. I am proud to be a Partner in Perez & Perez Law, PLLC, continuing the decades long tradition of fighting for our clients.


As my client, you will have my private email, my cell phone number, an open door, and world-class representation. That is my personal commitment to you.


Evan Apel, Esq.

I'm proud to be an Associate Attorney at Perez & Perez Law, PLLC. My role is highly strategic for the Firm and primarily consists of assisting the Partners in Litigation by performing state-of-the-art Legal Research and Writing. Using the latest technology and tools, I'm able to find just the right cases to support the Firm's legal positions, and then translate them into persuasive legal briefing for the courts.


I'm a graduate to University of Colorado Law School and, like Robert, am licensed to practice in both California and Washington State.